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Even when parts do wear out occasionally, with Whisper® filters the parts are replaceable!
We stock spare Motors, Impellers, Main tubes, Extension tubes, Strainers, Covers and more.
No need to buy a New filter... just repair the old one!

*Note* - "Select parts by filter size": E, Jr., C, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5.
Whisper® Wet/Dry 3000 & 4000 Filter parts available also.

Battery operated back-up pumps are available @ $24.99 each.
rdarow.gif (414 bytes)  $ave - Buy 2 or more pumps @ only $22.99 each.

New technology Biofoam kits for most Whisper® Power Filters.

Whisper® Filter Parts & Accessories
Whisper Main Tubes are available in assorted sizes.
Check your filter cover for the correct model number.


Extension Tubes


Energizer Motors


Extension Tubes


Energizer motors

             $24.99 ea. - Order # 60 Filter Tube Kit.

  • Buy a brand new, complete Whisper 60 power filter: Price is $59.99 ea.

  • For the latest in filter technology...

    triad.jpg (8598 bytes)

    This item easily converts older Whisper© Power Filters to the:
    This improves Aquarium Health and Enhances Biological Filtration.
    It adapts easily to the following Whisper® filters:

    Battery Operated Air Pumps

    Battery operated air pumps
    are an inexpensive form of protection for fish and livestock.
    Electrical power outages will halt filtration and the life giving Oxygen fish need to survive.
    Be ready in any emergency with a battery operated pump or two for each aquarium in use.
    It will provide Oxygen during extended power outages, and give your fish a fighting chance!

    Only $24.99 each.  Batteries not included.
    rdarow.gif (414 bytes) 
    $ave - Buy 2 or more pumps @ only $22.99 each.

    • End of Parts list.

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