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 We are sorry, but the Diatomagic filter
 has been discontinued by the Tetra Co.
As of 10/1/04 we no longer have this item in stock.
However, the parts and supplies listed below are still available.

The Diatomagic® Filter by Tetra / SN©

High on our list of Second Nature®  products is the Diatomagic® filter.
This filter is meant to do what conventional filters cannot. That is... clear up or, 'polish' aquarium water that is cloudy from tiny microscopic particles suspended in the water. If you have one or more aquariums that tend to run, 'less than clear' occasionally, this is a must have item! Use only occasionally and for short intervals. An hour or so per aquarium is all it takes to get crystal clear water again. The Diatomagic® filter uses Diatomaceous Earth powder to filter out minute, microscopic particles including Ick from your aquarium. Quick & Easy set-up! Crystal Clear results!
NOTE: We keep one handy at the store and ready for emergency use.
We rent it out to customers in need and they are amazed with the results!

Try it... you won't believe the difference!

Want crystal clear water?
Easy as 1 - 2 - 3 !

Easy 1-2-3 step setup and run. Comes ready to use.
Complete with Diatom Powder, Filter Bag and instructions.
Ideal for fresh or saltwater aquariums.
The Diatomagic™ Filter
Built to last and priced to sell at only: $99.oo each!

Charge it with Visa/MC/AmEx/Disc.          easy to order!

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